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Air Travel

Nowadays most people prefer to travel by air because it is the quickest and the most convenient way of getting from one place to another. Here are a few rules on air travel that may turn out to be helpful.

Firstly, passengers are usually requested to arrive at the airport one hour before departure time. Secondly, passengers must register their tickets, weigh in and register the luggage. The limitation of weight for the economy class is 20 kilograms, whereas bisnes-class passengers are allowed to take 30 kilograms. Excess luggage is to be paid for. Thirdly, passengers are permitted to take only some personal belongings with them into the cabin. These items include handbags, brief-cases, umbrellas, coats, laptops and the souvenirs bought at  the tax free shops at the airport. Fourthly, each passenger is given a boarding pass to be shown first at the departure gate and then the stewardess when boarding the plane.

On board the plane passengers should watch the electric sign flashes. When you see the sign «Fasten Seat Belts» do so promptly. Passengers should also obey the «No  smoking» signal and listen attentively to the announcements on the the public address system. The captain always welcomes you on board, gives you all the necessary information about the flight, and even the interesting places you are flying over. Passengers are requested not to forget their personal belongings when living the plane.

Nowadays, when the danger of hi-jacking is constantly growing additional measures to provide the security of passengers and the crew are taken by most companies. For example, both the passengers and their luggage are wanted additional control, due to which flights are sometimes delayed.